O food born pathogen, thou art no friend of mine –


Well, it happened. Apparently I’m not the gastrointestinal pro-star that I thought I was. I’m not sure if this is the “Delhi belly” but it’s not a lot of fun, I’ll tell you that much. For the first two days (Sunday and Monday) I thought it was just adjustment to the grease and spice that I’m not used to, I felt fine, I was going to work, no real problems. But this morning I learned how quickly things can change… volumetrically, one could even say. I’m home from work today and I feel kinda bad about that. I mean, you can’t help getting sick, but I only worked 5 days before taking a sick day, so I’m not impressed with myself. Bad body, get yourself together. I’m still considering myself lucky, it’s not nearly as bad as it could be; I don’t have cramps, bad dehydration, fever, blood or anything, I just have to make friends with the bathroom and really watch my fluid intake. Hopefully my guts will get it together soon and I’ll be able to head back to work. I’m actually a little surprised with myself too. Even though a lot of people were warning me I would get sick, I figured I’m so healthy most of the time I’d be able to weather it. Guess I was wrong (and I hate being wrong). Fortunately all I’m doing at work is internet research and stuff so I can easily do that at home and still feel productive.

(a little later, and not so productive) Lying around in bed, awake in the middle of the day, though, I miss my dog… he’s good for cuddling when I’m sick. Not good for much else really, other than tracking dirt in the house and chasing the cats around, but I miss the little gaffer quite a bit.

I think I figured out Skype now; if anyone else has an account and wants to try to talk to me, my name is melindaplatte.

Oh, and the title of this post is in iambic sextameter; I’m sure you were all wondering. I trust you are all duly impressed.


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