My ‘hood.

My ‘hood.

Well, I don’t have anything particularly profound to say today, so I’ve uploaded some pictures of my apartment and my neighbourhood. “Finally,” you might say. I’ll have you know that these pictures represent an ENTIRE EVENING of work for me – yeah, it’s 9pm now and I’ve been doing this since I got home. Welcome to my new technology.

So as you can see, the traffic is something fierce. Forget pedestrian friendly – this area is pedestrian hostile. I can’t tell you how comfortable I was standing on the corner trying not to get myself killed while all these men stood around staring at me. I’ll see if I can get a picture of the office and, if I’m brave enough, my commute tomorrow…


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  1. HI MINDI! YAY PICTURES! It’s nice to have an idea of what your surroundings are like – things look clean / comfortable which is awesome! Have you met any of your neighbours? Where are the cows?

  2. Great to see where you are living! But gotta be honest, I too am a little dissapointed about the lack of cows in the photos 😉

  3. Alright, I’ll see if I can find you guys a cow today. We’re usually driving past them pretty quickly though. As for my neighbours, I haven’t really met them; I pass them on the stairs and the women smile and then stare at me. The men don’t smile. I asked a woman if I could help her carry a heavy bag of melons up the stairs yesterday and she smiled and said shook her head no but said thanks, and waved me up ahead of her. I am getting smiles and waves of acknowledgement from the security guards now, though.

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