The last little while, I’ve been really feeling the water retention. Not to mention the crankiness, headaches, irritability… yes, it’s that time: Pre-Monsoon Season. And it’s not just me. Check out the weather today.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. It’s 51˚C with the humidity. It just feels so thick outside, and from what I understand, it gets worse before it gets better. The monsoon starts in the south first and gradually works its way north. The humidity rises and rises as the low pressure front gets pushed up against the mountains until it finally breaks and Ta-Da! Monsoon rains! We’re expecting that to start in the next couple weeks and continue for the next few months. Mosquito-borne diseases are picking up, with 4 cases of dengue fever and over 60 cases of malaria so far this season in the city. I know it’s not many in terms of the population, but at least I can feel like I’m getting my Lariam’s worth now.

Want to see the fun we had on Friday?

Blowing sand (camera can’t quite capture it). Dust storms are pretty common here, it’s really crazy to see outside. Everyone has to bundle up with rags over their mouths and noses so they don’t choke. The sky takes on this really strange brownish orange haze and you can hear your doors and windows rattling as the dust blows in through the cracks. They’re calling for thunderstorms later this week; I can’t wait for that show. I’m a little worried about what the monsoons mean for work, though. Our office is on a downward sloping dirt side road with a big ditch between the road and the below-street-level entrance. Usually I can just hop down, but I have a feeling that even if the road doesn’t wash out completely, this will be more than a little drainage ditch to jump. We’re probably talking moat. And I’m wondering if the lower level is going to flood completely. CARE only relocated here in October of last year so this is the first monsoon season for this location. One of my colleagues is envisioning a lot of involuntary work-from-home.

For further proof that I’m not being a big Canadian baby, check out the news.

This weekend, I went out every night and basically hibernated during the day. On Friday, we went to a new French restaurant. It was gooooood… had escargot and tarte and canard and lots of good stuff. The next night we went to a South Indian place in Haus Khaz village and had paratha (flatbread) with a mushroom dish, pumpkin, pork, and some other meat which was also good, then yesterday went to a Ruby’s. I had Mexican. Yes, on Canada Day. I didn’t find out about the High Commission July 1st stuff until I got home that night, but it doesn’t look like I missed much, they just had a BBQ at 4:30 and that was it. So I figure enchiladas and Indian beer and Gordon Lightfoot on my iPod counts as a good way to embrace Canada’s multiculturalism from afar, eh? 🙂 Some of the other expat women here really dress to impress when we go out to restaurants. There’s no dress code, and everyone else is pretty casual, so I don’t think I’m totally inappropriate in my capris, loose tops and sandals. I don’t like being looked at anyways so why add to the spectacle by wearing a short, tight dress, right? It did start to occur to me though that perhaps not everyone divides their wardrobe into classifications of “Eating Pants” and “Other.”

 Lastly, Happy Canada Day!! Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend!


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